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  • When are you open?
    Currently we do not have any set hours. We have day jobs and other commitments that require a majority of our Monday - Friday time. We typically operate on nights and weekends, but email, text messages, and social media are the best ways to contact us.
  • Can I visit your shop?
    DAM Volks does not have a typical "brick and mortar" location. We are operating out of our home and as such no business will be conducted on the premises. However, we do have a good inventory and it continues to grow.
  • I'm in the Las Vegas area. Can I pick up my parts instead of shipping?
    We will work with you to get parts delivered in a timely manner. If you prefer, we can usually drop parts off within a day or two of ordering. This is quicker and cheaper than using any parcel carrier.
  • Does DAM Volks go to any shows?
    Yes! We try to make it to many of the local Las Vegas shows for the air-cooled VW community. While we may not always have a booth, we are looking forward to meeting with our customers.
  • Can you get parts not listed in your store?
    Yes. DAM Volks is an authorized dealer for many of the aftermarket manufacturers in the air-cooled VW market.
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