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Engle FK43 Camshaft

Engle FK43 Camshaft

SKU: 6043

Engle cams has been making cams for the aircooled VW engine for decades. Every Engle camshaft is ground, finished, packaged and shipped from Long Beach California. Engle camshafts include a cam card, high quality Red Line assembly lube and an Engle Cams decal.


Make sure to get a matching set of Engle lifters for your Engle camshaft. Search 6001 or 6001P in the store.


Engle FK-43 Cam Specs:

Designed for 1.4 or 1.5 rockers

Advertised Duration 284°, Duration 252° @ .050", Cam Lift .383", Lobe Center 108°

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