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Engle Adjustable Straight Cut Gear set

Engle Adjustable Straight Cut Gear set

SKU: 6608

Engle Cams’ straight cut cam gears create less side load solving the problem of premature wear of the cam bearings. Made in the USA using 1141 carbon steel billet, Engle’s straight cut cam gears help alleviate the possibility of the cam skipping a tooth when Chevy type racing valve springs are used. Designed using a back cut crank gear to help save weight these Straight Cut Cam Gears from Engle Cams are perfect for any high-performance motor combination. Straight Cut Cam Gears are adjustable to enable you to dial in your cam timing from +3º to 0º to -3º. Each Straight Cut Cam Gear set is shipped with mounting bolts. Designed to be used on flat faced camshafts with a standard camshaft to crankshaft spacing. Made in USA! Sold as set.



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