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Amsoil Oil filter

Amsoil Oil filter

SKU: EAO15-ea

AMSOIL Oil Filters provide a filtering efficiency in accordance with industry standard ISO 4548-12 of 99 percent at 20 microns – one of the best ratings on the market. Some competitors also claim 99 percent efficiency, but at larger particle sizes of 30 to 40 microns.


Advanced, Full-Synthetic Media

  • Provides filtering efficiency of 99 percent at 20 microns1
  • Allows lower restriction, keeping engine parts lubricated
  • Provides greater capacity for small, wear-causing contaminants than competing filters
  • Helps reduce engine wear


This filter fits the standard full flow spin on adapter that many aftermarket manufacturers provide in the VW industry, including the EMPI and Setrab versions we sell at DAM Volks.


Product Data Bulletin

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